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WebMediaTouch is a premium SEO company that helps you improve your website rank and keep you ahead of your competitors. We are operating 24/7 to make your business stabilize and successful in the digital world. We always understand what our clients want and ensure they meet their business potentials in a seamless way. We also strive to maintain complete transparency in our terms and make sure to serve our customers with dependable and quality services.

Our Potential Focus

Please note that all the SEO work at WebMediaTouch is done 24 hours a day to ensure the clients get the best results and avoid any issue that may affect their further growths while performing key SEO activities. We are very clear about the payments and our service packages. However, we do not guarantee any refund. This is a common policy with all professional digital marketing companies.

To serve our customers with the best experience and quality services, we have built a considerate policy for refund and cancellation. We divide and plan each project according to clients’ goals and requirements to make sure they attain success with our SEO services.

Clients Should Accept

We analyze and focus on discovering all the aspects that aid in increasing our SEO efforts. We also make sure both parties have a complete understanding of each other’s strategies and work required to avoid project cancellations, disputes and reversals. Since a lot of time and efforts are made to achieve every single goal, the refund is not possible for work which is already completed.

Rights That Clients Have

In the event of termination of the project, the client has complete control over the situation and payment for further strategies and work will be voidable. However, the previous payments and deposits would be refundable.

No Refund Request Will Be Accepted If

Once the clients approve our mock-up design, no amount will be refunded, as we have already moved into the development process of the project.
There is no provision of a partial refund for the project is acceptable in the mid of the working phase.
No refunds and cancellations will be accepted for services that our marketing team has already provided on special occasions.
Some offers are valid for a limited time only and could not be cancelled whatever the situation may be.
Regarding SEO Packages

SEO packages and other digital marketing packages have no refund policy. However, our clients may cancel their package within 30 days in advance with their written notice.

No Refund will Be Accepted for

We are liable to offer a refund for projects that lay dormant and are abandoned for more than 30 days.

Changes to Refund Policy

WebMediaTouch reserves all the rights to make changes to any part or any service without prior any notice. We have easy refund policies. But we can make changes to it at any time. Therefore, we encourage our customers to read the terms mentioned in this agreement of refund policy carefully before you want to request a refund.

We can make amendments to this refund policy in the sole console or will of our company. At WebMediaTouch, we strive to serve our customers with reliable services and this is why we always recommend them to read the policies mentioned on our website before they seek advantage of our services.

We shall not be liable for any loss you may bear due to not being aware of our refund policies. The amendments we make to this policy will be effective right after we post them on our website. We do not send any notification or email regarding the changes we make to our refund policy. Therefore, it is your responsibility to read the policies carefully before you ask for a refund.

Legal Disclaimer

WebMediaTouch does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information, contents, or advertisements linked to any service offered by this website. Customers should acknowledge that they rely on the third-party links or any other links related to an advertisement or any other purposes at their own risk.

We provide information on this website on an as-is basis with no guarantee of accuracy, completeness, and the results. We are not liable for any direct and indirect loss of any kind whatsoever you face due to the use of any link, service, material, and products you found on our website. The prices on our website are mentioned clearly and are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of customers to read all the policies carefully before they make a request for any services for their website.

Contact Us

WebMediaTouch is happy to help you with all your queries. If you have any doubt regarding the policies of our services or want to proceed further with our team, you can contact us at or call +91-9664073004.

Please note that WebMediaTouch reserve all the rights to change the refund policies without any notice. Make sure you read all before you ask for a refund, as we are liable to work according to our refund policies.