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If you are looking for a trusted partner to fulfill your website’s requirements for search engine optimization, please contact us at any time and seek advantage of our services at WebMediaTouch. All the services offered by WebMediaTouch are governed by the terms of use mentioned herein. If you are looking for SEO services or want to use any part of any service provided by this website, you are liable to accept the following terms.

General Conditions

  • We don’t give a 100% affirmation to results on search engines and neither would we be able to quantify sales and increased traffic that SEO campaigns results.
  • The customer must neither requested links nor embraced any spamming strategy which is probably going to pull down the website’s ranking in the top results of search engines.
  • The customer doesn’t claim any doorway pages, duplicate pages, or content or duplicate websites.
  • WebMediaTouch takes payments in advance and under no situation are these non-refundable.
  • We have strict norms for payments and we ask the customers to make payments within seven days once the package is generated.
  • The guarantee will immediately get void if clients make any changes to optimized pages by use and fail to implement the changes set by WebMediaTouch.
  • We have the provision of practicing ethical SEO strategies and reserve each privilege to invalidate any assurance in the event that we find the clients have adopted undesirable practices by utilizing hidden links.
  • As a pioneer SEO service provider, WebMediaTouch reserves the right of using our customer’s website, wireframes, collateral, website layouts, and designs in both our advertising and marketing activities.

Right to Client Website

To get the benefits of our SEO services, each customer should abide by the below-mentioned conditions

  • Infinite access to traffic statistics for analysis and tracking purposes.
  • Agree to make improvements for optimization and furthermore correspond directly with our team if required.
  • Access to administrative part or backend of the site to analyze the structure and the content.
  • In the absence of textual content in a customer’s site, they will offer the required content in electronic format to create extra web pages. We at WebMediaTouch can deliver content for our customer’s website at an additional cost.
  • Authorization to use customer content, website images, brand names, logos, trademarks, and pictures via WebMediaTouch for SEO purposes.
  • An email id to assist customers to request links.

Loss of Service

WebMediaTouch doesn’t assume any liability for damage of data, service loss, misuse of gadgets by other customers, glitch of communication devices, externally managed devices, or any other service which is out of our ability to control.

Third-Party Fees

The clients are liable to pay the fee charged by the search engines for incorporating a listing and this will include yet not limited to pay per consideration rate in directories, for example, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Access to Client Website

In order to receive professional SEO services from WebMediaTouch, clients agree to provide the following:

  • An email address for the purpose of requesting links.
  • Permission to make amendments to their website for the purpose of serving the best optimization solutions in the industry.
  • Authorization of using logo, trademarks, website image, content, etc. for search engine optimization purposes.

Cancellation and Termination

  • Service cancellation requests must be sent in written or via email in advance. Once your packages have been renewed, it cannot be canceled and you must pay for them.
  • We reserve all the rights to terminate your account you are having with us without giving you any advance notice.
  • We are not liable for providing any notification for making changes to our services. We can also make amendments to our terms of use without any prior notice.
  • We reserve all the rights to cancel or terminate any service or any part of it from our website at any time.
  • Once all the invoices are paid, it is the responsibility of the client to consider it, as the refund is not guaranteed.
  • In case clients want to cancel any service request they have made earlier, they should have to inform us in writing in advance.
  • WebMediaTouch reserves the right to terminate the services or your contract with us at any time.

Packages and Other Services

WebMediaTouch offers packages to make our services affordable for customers. We have different packages customized to fit the budget and needs of our customers. All the services and packages we customize are just to make our customers feel satisfied. However, we do not guarantee that all the packages and services remain the same. Please acknowledge that we can make changes to the services and packages at any time.

In fact, we can make amendments to the pricing of our services without any prior notice. All the changes will be effective right after we post on our website. The customers are bound to accept the changes and proceed accordingly. Moreover, customers can check our refund policies for a waiver and other concerns.

Contact Us

Our services and policies are clear. We are proactively working round-the-clock to make our customers satisfied with our offerings. You can connect with our team at or call +91-9664073004. In case of any doubt, you directly give us a call or write to us. We are available to help you with your doubts at all times. We encourage our clients to connect with us and clear their doubts whenever they want.

Send us an email or give us a call, we are ready to help 24/7.